Guy Cameron

PhD, Bbiomedsci(hons), Bmedsci

Understanding the Role of Group 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells in the Pathogenesis of Cystinuria and Kidney Stones

Status: Completed.
This work was lead by my colleague Nirmal Bhatt during his PhD, of which I am a co-author.
Kidney stones are a common urinary tract problem that increases the risk of chronic kidney disease later in life. Mouse models, such as the daily administration of glyoxylate intraperitoneally, have been used to understand the pathophysiological changes of kidney stones. There is a significant knowledge gap in understanding the role of innate immune cells, particularly innate lymphoid cells (ILCs), in kidney stone-induced kidney injury and disease. ILCs are poorly characterized within the kidney but are tissue-resident immune cells that contribute to the maintenance of tissue homeostasis. In particular, ILC2s are relevant to the urinary tract and can provide protective immunity, regulate tissue homeostasis, and control inflammation.

Our hypothesis is that ILCs, may contribute to the severity and resolution of kidney stones. We will explore the role of ILCs in kidney stone-induced kidney injury and disease, as ILCs are tissue-resident immune cells that contribute to the maintenance of tissue homeostasis and produce effector cytokines that are involved in immune-related pathways such as inflammation and tissue repair. Of particular interest are ILC2s and their role in the urinary tract, as they are involved in protective immunity, tissue homeostasis regulation, and control of inflammation.

The question of whether ILC2s have a role within the kidneys in kidney stone disease remains unclear. Furthermore, the capacity of ILC2s to promote maintenance of renal epithelial cells and promote repair is also unknown. A more complete understanding of the functional role of ILC2s in the kidney may lead to the development of novel therapeutics.

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