Guy Cameron

PhD, Bbiomedsci(hons), Bmedsci


A list of my publications, each can be expanded to see pictures and read more by clicking the link. Alternatively, use the button to search me on PubMed.

Original Articles

Airway and parenchymal transcriptomics in a novel model of asthma and COPD overlap

Tu X, Kim RY, Brown AC, de Jong E, Jones-Freeman B, Ali MK, Gomez HM, Budden KF, Starkey MR, Cameron GJM, Loering S, Nguyen DH, Nair PM, Haw TJ, Alemao CA, Faiz A, Tay HL, Wark PAB, Knight DA, Foster PS, Bosco A, Horvat JC, Hansbro PM, Donovan C.

J Allergy Clin Immunol, S0091-6749(22), 2022, pp. 00706-0

Differences in pulmonary group 2 innate lymphoid cells are dependent on mouse age, sex and strain

Loering S, Cameron GJM, Bhatt NP, Belz GT, Foster PS, Hansbro PM, Starkey MR.

Immunol Cell Biol, vol. 99(5), 2020, pp. 542-551

Group 2 innate lymphoid cells are redundant in experimental renal ischemia-reperfusion injury

Cameron GJM, Cautivo KM, Loering S, Jiang SH, Deshpande AV, Foster PS, McKenzie ANJ, Molofsky AB, Hansbro PM, Starkey MR.

Front Immunol, vol. 10(1), 2019, p. 826

Roles for T/B lymphocytes and ILC2s in experimental chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Donovan C, Starkey MR, Kim RY, Rana BMJ, Barlow JL, Jones B, Haw TJ, Mono Nair P, Budden K, Cameron GJM, Horvat JC, Wark PAB, Foster PS, McKenzie ANJ, Hansbro PM.

J Leukoc Biol, vol. 105(1), 2019, pp. 143-150

IL-22 and its receptors are increased in human and experimental COPD and contribute to pathogenesis

Starkey MR, Plank MW, Casolari P, Papi A, Pavlidis S, Guo Y, Cameron GJM, Haw TJ, Tam A, Obiedat M, Donovan C, Hansbro NG, Nguyen DH, Nair PM, Kim RY, Horvat JC, Kaiko GE, Durum SK, Wark PAB, Sin DD, Caramori G, Adcock IM, Foster PS, Hansbro PM.

Eur Respir J, vol. 54(1), 2019, p. 1800174


Emerging therapeutic potential of group 2 innate lymphoid cells in acute kidney injury

Cameron GJM, Jiang SH, Loering S, Deshpande AV, Hansbro PM, Starkey MR.

J Pathol, vol. 248(1), 2019, pp. 9-15

Lung development and emerging roles for type 2 immunity

Loering S, Cameron GJM, Starkey MR, Hansbro PM.

J Pathol, vol. 247(5), 2019, pp. 686-696



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