Guy Cameron

PhD, Bbiomedsci(hons), Bmedsci

The role of Aboriginal Health Workers and Practitioners in the diagnosis, treatment, and referral to specialists for patients with otitis media

Status: To be undertaken in 2024
Program: Post-graduate medicine research project
Institution: The Australian National University
Role: Primary Supervisor

Project team: Bryher McKeown, Amanda Wingett, Doctor Guy Cameron, Professor Kelvin Kong, Sharron Hall, Trumaine Rankmore, Toni Manton.
This qualitative research aims to enhance comprehension and recognition of the vital roles that Aboriginal Health Workers and Practitioners (AHW/P) play in caring for patients with otitis media. The approach of the study involves conducting semi-structured yarns to engage in discussions with AHW/P and collect information. The results of this project are expected to help in acknowledging and valuing the specialised knowledge and contributions of Aboriginal Health Workers and Practitioners in the provision of ENT health services.

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