Guy Cameron

PhD, Bbiomedsci(hons), Bmedsci

Analysing the effect of Indigenous status and geographic location on ENT and respiratory presentations at the John Hunter Hospital emergency department

Status: To be undertaken in 2024
Program: Post-graduate medicine research project
Institution: The Australian National University
Role: Primary Supervisor

Project team: Doctor Guy Cameron, Doctor Michael Zhang, Professor Kelvin Kong, Romolo Persi, Amanda Wingett, Sharron Hall.
Otitis media, affecting a significant proportion of children by age one, is particularly prevalent in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. This study at John Hunter Hospital (JHH) focuses on identifying primary ENT and respiratory conditions, with a special emphasis on otitis media, in Indigenous children presenting at the ED. The research aims to enhance understanding of these conditions' prevalence through manual analysis of ED data, due to the lack of systematic emergency presentation recording.

Understanding the prevalence of otitis media is critical for targeted public health strategies, considering its treatability and potential for preventing complications. The study will assess the frequency and nature of ENT and respiratory issues in children under 18 at the JHH ED over a four-year period, comparing Indigenous and non-Indigenous cases to identify risk factors and investigate the influence of geographic location.

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