Guy Cameron

PhD, Bbiomedsci(hons)

About me

I'm a proud Wailwan (Aboriginal) man living in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. In my free time I love being active, going to the gym and going on nature walks. Whilst IĀ  consider myself a fitness enthusiast, I also really enjoy playing video games! My university journey started later in life, which led me to a Doctorate of Philosophy (Immunology & Microbiology) awarded on the 4th of August 2021. I'm currently a third year medicine student and am enrolled in the Joint Medical Program at the University of Newcastle which includes a Bachelor of Medical Science & Doctor of Medicine. I'm also a part-time academic with several affiliations where I'm involved in many exciting projects!

Academic affiliations

I work as a post-doctoral researcher with the Aboriginal ear and immune health team. In this role I'm helping to expand our knowledge on ear disease, which disproportionally affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. I also hold a fellowship which is co-funded by the national imaging facility and systems neuroscience group to foster Indigenous collaboration and ownership in the field of imaging research to improve the health and wellbeing of Indigenous Australians. I'm also employed by the Hunter New England Local Health District as a technical assistant, helping out when there is an unmet need for extra support staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, I'm an Indigenous tutor and mentor with the Wollotuka Institute, striving to assist mob with getting equal opportunity.
The University of Newcastle
Current staff - Guy Cameron

"I aim to be able to utilise both basic and clinical expertise in the future to assemble a multi-disciplinary team to tackle major health challenges, specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Although early in my career, I have a strong commitment to improving healthcare using a biomedical, clinical and community driven approach".
Hunter Medical Research Institute
Researcher profile - Guy Cameron

"I long for a day when every child gets to grow up happy and healthy, where they can achieve anything they want in life. My research makes small additions to our knowledge on disease with the hopes that other researchers and clinicians can take that knowledge and improve the lives of all Australians".
Aboriginal Ear Health
Hunter ENT

"Collaboration has allowed us to brainstorm difficult cases and work together achieving better results. We have been able to innovate better, keeping pace with and contributing to changes in techniques and technology. Through this collaboration Hunter ENT has driven better communication and a culture of the pursuit of excellence with a resulting benefit in management of diseases".
Systems Neuroscience Group
Team website

"Our team is culturally diverse and multidisciplinary, bringing together mathematicians, neuroscientists, psychologists, clinicians, social scientists and physicists to solve important fundamental and clinical questions."
National Imaging Facility
Fellowship - Guy Cameron

"We have helped Australians innovate in fields such as bioengineering, clinical science, biology, medical technology, pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical therapies, agriculture, materials, museums and cultural collections".
Hunter New England Local Health District
HNE Health

"We encourage collaboration, openness and respect in the workplace to create a sense of empowerment for our people to use their knowledge, skills and experience to provide excellence in patient care for every patient, every time".

Dr. Guy Cameron

Researcher/imaging fellow, Indigenous tutor, med student & future deadly doc

(+61) 02 4913 8070

Hunter Medical Research Institute

Wollotuka Institute, the University of Newcastle

University Drive, Callaghan NSW 2308 Australia